About Us

The African Leadership Institute USA is a multifaceted “think tank” that focuses on critical analyses of issues, policies and practices impacting the African continent. The Institute is a robust intellectual environment where educators, intellectuals, business, political and opinion leaders, provide insights and solutions to African and Global issues.

Our vision, mission and core values

Our culture

Our programs
With a global presence, the Institute leverages the strength of partners to deliver focused and practical programs. The Institute holds lectures, seminars, webinars, conferences and workshops. It also provides avenues for International educational linkages between African Institutions and their global counterparts.

Why choose our Institute?

The Institute is a premier provider of world-class programs and custom designed workshops specifically targeted towards Leadership in both public and private sectors in the African continent. The Institute incorporates global best practices in the training programs/ courses and conduct research in key areas of need.

Membership of the institute

Membership is opened to all current and future Leaders of both private and public sector organizations, governments, commercial organizations, academic institutions and NGO’s.