Other Services


Institutional Partnership

The world has become global and complex, the Institute believes that promoting International Educational Linkages will result in more-informed Leadership community that understands each other and are fully integrated. The Institute will promote synergistic collaboration between any African Academic Institutions and their global counterparts:

  • Affiliations
  • Exchanges: Staff, Faculty and Students
  • Research Partnerships

Cultural Diplomacy

Culture has a powerful effect in every person's life. Understanding and appreciation of other cultures is very critical to the ever growing desire to have a democratic world. The Knowledge acquired promotes the understanding of working with people from other departments, disciplines, genders, races, and ages. Hence cultural diversity is very vital for the long-term survival of humanity. The Institute will preserve and promote the understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity through:

  • Exhibitions
  • Performances
  • Conferences
  • Cultural Intelligence

Management and Leadership Consultancy – Resource Management

Leaders in both public and private sector are dedicated to making a difference in the community, by heavily investing in Human Capital Development. But in today's highly populated training environments, the right training resource is essential for getting the best results. For governments, the issue of substandard training is a huge concern to the country. National security can be compromised, especially in training facilities that are not vetted or accredited by the government. Typically there can be substantial revenue lost. The Institute will offer consultancy services to African Governments by auditing and accreditation of all vendors offering training/courses to in United States, Canada and Mexico

  • One-stop solution for all Governmental Training Needs
  • Full accreditation and Audit of the training program to ensure it meets the standards and expectations of the Government.
  • Feedback Assessment loop of the participants to the Government to ensure complete attendance

Management and Leadership Consultancy - Enhancing Strategic Innovation and Protection of Intellect

Intellectual property (IP) protection and Enforcement is very important to attracting foreign and mobilizing domestic investment, which in turn, is indispensable to achieving sustainable economic growth and development.  Piracy and other forms of IP infringement are serious problems for both foreign and domestic investment. In addition, agriculture, food safety as well as the environment is seriously challenged by the invasion of counterfeited goods.

  • The Institute will provide consultancy services and assistance programs on the tools and rationale needed for comprehensive internationally compliant examination of trademark and IP applications.
  • The Institute will work with governments in some instances to help them comply with their obligations under various international trade agreements.  These agreements are designed to facilitate more open trade relations among countries and to reduce or eliminate the barriers to such trade.
  • The goal of the Institute is to improve commercial legal environment for African companies seeking to expand their business on a global level through the protection of IP, copyright and brand protection.
  • Understanding IP evaluation
  • Understanding IP-based investment
  • Maximizing Trademark and copyright Protection
  • Brand Identity: Protection, Fraud and Document Security