The Center for Policy and Conflict Resolution (CPCR)

The center is the arm of the Institute responsible for providing a robust dialogical platform where a diverse collection of Africa-focus brain trusts that are engaged in research, publication, public discourse and policy analyses can make meaningful contributions. It coordinates various programs of the Institute including the Resident, Sabbatical and Graduate Associate Fellow programs. These programs provide opportunities for notable thinkers and practitioners to make contributions to contemporary African issues through focused study.

In furthering the Institutes goal of providing a robust, independent intellectual environment, the center coordinates an annual International conference that focuses on addressing specific issues impacting Africa. It also publishes Africa Policy Digest and ensures that the voice of the Institute is heard on matters relating to Africa. It maintains relationships with diverse social and academic institutions in order to contribute and strengthen African programs.

The International Conference: This is an annual conference of the Institute that focuses on a major
issue impacting Africa. It brings together various leaders, policy makers, academics and stakeholders
to dialog and contribute insights on African issues.
The African Policy DigestTM: This is a publication of the Institute. It sponsors and publishes
independent and collaborative works that examine the impact of foreign or national policies on local,
national and regional issues. It promotes a balance between rigorous intellectually examination and
pragmatic policy prescription.
The Fellows Programs: These are three programs designed to attract and engage the best minds
across the African continent in order to maintain the Institutes goal of being a leading intellectual

a.   The Resident Fellow Program: This is designed for appointment of notable thinkers/practitioners
who will be engaged full-time at the Institute to focus on research, public discourse and
publication responsibilities.
b.   Sabbatical Fellows Program: This is designed for scholars who will spend their Sabbatical at the
Institute focusing on research, public discourse and publication.
c.   Graduate Associate Program: This is designed for emerging scholars whose graduate research
work are guided by the Institute toward making meaningful contributions to contemporary
African issues.